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The West Coast General Hospital Foundation wants to know if you are up for the Challenge.

The Foundation has pledged $2 million to the recently announced WCGH emergency department expansion. To reach that goal, it needs the whole community to get involved in the WCGHF Emergency Challenge.

The $6.25-million emergency department redevelopment will support improvements to patient care and privacy at West Coast General Hospital and benefit the whole community. It will see the addition of more space and improvements to the existing area. It will add three new patient exam beds, extra space for testing, a private room for patients who need mental health care, improvements to the triage and admitting area, and two separate entrances for ambulance and the general public.

In order to make raising $2 million fun, the Foundation wants you to challenge each other. Can your coffee shop raise more funds than the one around the block? Which car dealership will come out victorious? Which professional will challenge another one of the same profession? Which boutique will challenge another one? Let’s see which restaurant has the best fundraising abilities. The real estate market is hot, but which Realtor is the best fundraiser when it counts. Can the City of Port Alberni staff beat the School District staff? Even individuals and organizations can get in on the fun.

No challenge is too small and every dollar raised gets the WCGH Foundation one step closer to achieving its fundraising goal. Who are you going to challenge?

For more information, to suggest an idea of a challenge, or to share your donation, contact the Foundation at 250-731-1370 ext. 48148 or email

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