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Owned and operated by the WCGH Foundation, the West Coast Café opened one year ago and has since become a much-appreciated addition to our hospital’s beautiful Health Square, serving tasty food and beverages to staff, patients and visitors. We gratefully acknowledge the generous donation by the Italian-Canadian Society that made construction and start-up of the coffee kiosk possible November 2017.

The West Coast Café offers a full range of speciality espresso drinks, regular coffees, teas, ice coffees, smoothies, and other beverages. To provide our customers with the best quality and freshest ingredients, the Café sources many of its delicious products from some of Port Alberni’s oldest and finest businesses such as


Pete’s Mountain Meats for sandwich fillings and Mountain View Bakery for bread and other bakery items.


The next time you are waiting for an appointment or visiting someone at the hospital, consider stopping by and trying one of our freshly made sandwiches, a muffin or scone with the beverage of your choice.

Pictured to the left is Lisa, our West Coast Cafe Coordinator, a full time Foundation employee who thoroughly enjoys going that extra mile for every customer!


West Coast Café is open 5 days a week: Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4:00pm

The WCGH Foundation is proud to be able to offer this quality service in our hospital and the Café’s modest profits contribute to the Foundation’s funding of necessary hospital equipment.

Thank you to hospital staff, patients and visitors for your ongoing support of the Foundation.