New ultrasound equipment at West Coast General Hospital offers improved image

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

WCGH Foundation paid for new machine through fundraising efforts

By ELENA RARDON Alberni Valley News, Feb. 9, 2019

The Medical Imaging Department at Port Alberni’s West Coast General Hospital (WCGH) has a new, “much-needed” ultrasound machine thanks to a donation from the WCGH Foundation.

Doctor John Saliken, a radiologist at WCGH, said the new purchase is “very exciting” for the hospital.

“The technology just keeps getting better and better. This one offers a higher resolution and better quality all around,” he explained. “We can see things we just couldn’t see before.”

The previous ultrasound machine is around five to six years old, but technology is constantly improving and the new equipment offers several new features. Along with better quality imaging and infinite focus, the new equipment is easier to use and it also tells doctors more about the structure of tissue, which can allow patients to avoid invasive biopsies.

“That’s a big deal, to avoid biopsies,” said Saliken.

The equipment was paid for by the WCGH Foundation, through a combination of fundraising and proceeds from Alberni Lifeline. Lifeline, run by WCGH Foundation, is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week monitoring service for seniors in the Alberni Valley.

“All profits go go to the Foundation and contribute to purchases like this,” explained WCGH Foundation director Chris Francey, who offers thanks to Alberni Lifeline subscribers for their help.

The WCGH Foundation is one of the hospital’s fundraising partners, raising funds to purchase essential equipment. Most recently, the WCGH Foundation has helped to provide new physiotherapy equipment at the hospital, as well as free wi-fi for patients and visitors. The new ultrasound equipment has been seeing plenty of use already.

“It really makes a difference in terms of better diagnoses,” said Saliken.

From left to right: Karen Gilbert (site supervisor for medical imaging), Mike Carter (WCGH Foundation), Dr. John Saliken (radiologist), Chris Francey (WCGH Foundation) and Pam Rardon (WCGH site director). ELENA RARDON PHOTO

For more information about the Foundation, or to make a donation, contact or call 250-731-1370, ext. 48148.

Please also consider making a lasting gift by naming the WCGH Foundation as a beneficiary in your Will. Leaving a legacy donation is one of the most valuable ways to help our Foundation continue the important work of improving health care for everyone in the Alberni Valley today and for future generations. If you are interested in more information about making a planned gift, please contact Chris Francey, WCGHF Business Director, at 250-731-1370, ext. 48148. Your donations, whether personal, corporate, or in memory of a loved one, make a real difference. Thank you for your continued support and generosity. Together we can make our hospital the best possible health care facility for all of us. To donate, just fill in the form or you may choose to donate online by clicking the CanadaHelps icon at the top of this page.

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