How to Persuade a Loved One

As a general statement, unless most people have experienced the way a Lifeline personal emergency response system makes them feel safer and more independent, they may not think that Lifeline is for them.  Our clients, however, tell us they cannot imagine life without Lifeline.

  • Lifeline medical alert service changes life for the better. Before you talk with your loved one about Lifeline, we suggest you become familiar with facts that can help to persuade them to welcome a Lifeline pendant or medical alert button into their home.

  • Lifeline is recommended by doctors, nurses and other professional caregivers. They know even a minor fall or incident can have serious physical and psychological consequences if you can’t get help in a hurry.


  • Lifeline shows your family that you care about them too. You’ll be helping everyone who cares for you to feel better knowing everything is all right


  • Lifeline is for independent living in your own home. The alternative to getting Lifeline is often assisted living, a nursing home, or 24-hour care.


  • Lifeline is a good idea even if you don’t live alone. Accidents are unpredictable. You might need help when someone you live with is temporarily out of the house.


  • Lifeline is easy to live with. The Personal Help Button is very small, simple to use and won’t interfere with your activities in any way.


  • Lifeline costs a little more than a dollar a day. So little to pay for your security and peace of mind… and far less than the cost of an occasional home aide or companion.