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Previous Recognition Prints

Coming Home

'Coming Home', a watercolour by Port Alberni artist Michael Cleary, was commissioned by the West Coast General Hospital Foundation. The limited edition print of two hundred copies were all personally signed and numbered by the artist.

This amazing view at the Port Alberni canal features the MV Lady Rose in the foreground and Mount Arrowsmith in the background.

Winter Birds of Alberni

Local artist Allan Wright was born in Saskatchewan in 1950, and grew up in the Alberni Valley. He began to draw and paint at a young age, focusing on depictions of birds and other natural subjects. 

This print shows 13 of the more common birds seen in the Alberni Valley over the winter months. Across the back row from left to right: Fox Sparrow, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Pine Siskin and a male House Finch.

On the tree from top to bottom: a female Red-breasted Nuthatch with a male below.  At the bottom is female Downey Woodpecker.

Along the bottom from left to right are a male Spotted Towhee, a male Purple Finch, a Golden-crowned Sparrow, a female Dark-eyed Junco, a female Spotted Towhee and another Chestnut-backed Chickadee.

Lady of the Lake

This framed limited edition print by artist Gordan Pran, shows a Coulson Flying Tanker returning to its home base on Sproat Lake. This Martin Mars aircraft dubbed Hawaii Mars, along with its sister ship, Philippines Mars, was the largest firefighting aircraft in the world. It is 36 meters long and almost 15 meters high.  It carries over 27 tonnes of water or foam mix and can reload from any lake or ocean without landing.

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