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Alberni Lifeline Monitoring provides an easy-to-use personal emergency response service that lets you summon help any time of the day or night – even if you can’t speak. All you have to do is press your Personal Help Button, worn on a wristband or pendant, and a trained Personal Response Associate will ensure you get help fast. Alberni Lifeline Monitoring is partnered with Philips Lifeline, Canada’s leading medical alert provider.  We are your local provider of the Lifeline service which is personally installed and maintained by representatives who live in our community.


Alberni Lifeline has been providing peace of mind to people in the Alberni Valley, Ucluelet, Tofino and Bamfield for over 30 years, where ever there is phone service, landline or mobile.

ALM Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

ALM will continue to serve the community throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

Who Should Use Lifeline

A medical alarm gives seniors and those with chronic medical conditions the security and confidence to continue to live independently at the one place they feel most comfortable – their own home.​

To find out if it’s the right time to consider a medical alarm for you or someone you care for, click the button on the right and complete a short nine question assessment.

Philips Lifeline Response Centre

All calls are monitored on Vancouver Island by our Personal Response Associates who specialize in medical alarms and the needs of seniors. They are well trained and re-certified annually. Even if the Response Associate is not able to hear you, they have the information on your file to get help to you quickly. They can contact loved ones, neighbours, or EMS based on your needs when you push your button.

Watch this video to learn more.

Learn More About Philips Lifeline

If you have been in hospital in the last 30 days get a free installation when you sign up for a Lifeline.

Special Offer for Recent Patients
Need an Appointment?

Call us today at (250) 731-1370 ext. 48147 or use our Email Contact Form to book an appointment or to find out more about the Alberni Lifeline Monitoring Program.  

Alberni Lifeline Monitoring is owned and operated by the West Coast General Hospital Foundation. It has been set-up to give seniors and those with chronic medical conditions access to help at the press of a button, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  All proceeds support the Foundation.

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